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This repository contains the supportive material for the paper "Neuromorphic Hardware learns to learn".
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Neuromorphic Hardware learns to learn

This repository contains the supportive material for the publication "Neuromorphic Hardware learns to learn" [1].

Software model


  • Install NEST simulator [2]
  • Install python dependencies listed in requirements.txt e.g.: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Install L2L [3] framework
    • Clone from [3]
    • Switch to branch no-jube
    • Install without the requirements e.g.: pip --no-deps .


  • cd software
  • mkdir LTL-Logs if not existing
  • python -m scoop

Hardware model

The hardware models are included in hardware/*. In order to use it you need access to the BrainScales 2 prototype chips at the University of Heidelberg. Nevertheless, you can examine the hardware specific code (e.g. meta-plasticity network)


[1] -



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