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KD2 mini MBTiles tile server (PHP)

This is a simple yet powerful and fast MBTiles server.

It will serve tiles out of .mbtiles files (SQLite database) using the /z/x/y.png format requests.

You can enable a local file cache to serve files faster.

Support for X-SendFile (Apache and Lighttpd) is included but you have to enable it.

It's currently the lightest and fastest MBTiles tile server.


  • PHP 5.4+
  • SQLite3 binding for PHP (debian/ubuntu: apt-get install php5-sqlite)


Best configuration for Apache

This is actually the fastest configuration. This way PHP gets called only when the file is not cached. So 99% of times the file is served by Apache.

  • Optional: Install and enable the X-Sendfile extension, set ENABLE_X_SENDFILE to true.
  • Enable local cache: set ENABLE_LOCAL_CACHE to true
  • Set your virtual host to the cache/ directory
  • Add this to your Apache vhost config: Options None DocumentRoot /path/to/mbtiles/directory/cache ErrorDocument 404 /path/to/mbtiles/directory/mbtiles-server.php

You don't need to enable the RewriteEngine.