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Updated with Kinect instructions.

Signed-off-by: Curt Meyers <>
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+This is a Fork from PrimeSensor. The goal is to get the Kinect working.
+Please use the "kinect" branch if you want this to work on a kinect.
+This is a quick and dirty hack I made to prove that it can be done.
+Follow the PrimeSense build instructions below.
+ * First you must get, build and install openNI first.
+ * Second clone my kinect branch of Sensor, build and install.
+ * Third run the NiViewer in the Bin/Release directory and there you go.
PrimeSensor Modules for OpenNI
@@ -60,4 +71,4 @@ Linux:
(You can also find a SlickEdit project there...)
Important: Please note that even though the directory is called Linux-x86, you can also use it to compile it for 64-bit targets and pretty much any other linux based environment.

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