Digital Audio Coding Notebooks
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Digital Audio Coding Notebooks

Context: Digital Audio Coding course (Mines ParisTech/S1916)

Launch Binder

Binder provides an environment to execute the Jupyter notebooks stored in this GitHub repository. With Binder:

  • You can't break anything (no matter how hard you try).
    Each Binder session starts with a fresh copy of the files in this repository.

  • You must download your notebooks to save your work.
    Open the File menu then select Download as and Notebook (.ipynb).
    You can also download any file, not merely notebooks, from the "filesystem view"; you can also upload files in this view.

    This step is necessary since all your changes are lost when you close your browser. Also, the "disk" button (Save and Checkpoint) won't work (well, it kinda does but only to save your notebook in a Linux container hosted "somewhere in the cloud" and that will be destroyed shortly.)

To work without Binder, you need a Linux computer with conda available. Download the project files and execute:

$ conda env create -f environment.yml   # create the 'audio' environment
$ source activate audio                 # activate the 'audio' environment
(audio) $ jupyter notebook              # start the jupyter server