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Easy Jek

EasyJek is a command line tool which help you to create easily your jekyll resources.

Install EasyJek as command line

1. Thor

EasyJek is based on the thor toolkit. You can install it through its gem :

gem install thor

2. Download EasyJek

Download the EasyJek archive file and unzip it where you want.

3. Configuration

Set the environment variable EASYJEK_HOME to the extracted EasyJek folder, e.g. :

bash$ export EASYJEK_HOME=/Users/johndoe/tools/easyjek

On unix, set execution permissions on the easyjek.rb file :

bash$ chmod +x JEKYLL_TOOL_HOME/bin/jekyll_tool.rb

Add easyjek.rb to your PATH environment variable :

bash$ export PATH=$PATH:$JEKYLL_TOOL_HOME/bin

4. Give a try !

You're ready to go ! To try your install, cd in any folder and type easyjek.rb :

bash$ cd /tmp
bash$ easyjek.rb

... you should see the usage message, which means everything should be ok !


You can rename the easyjek.rb file with easyjekwhich will allow you to avoid the file extension in command line :

bash$ cd /tmp
bash$ easyjek

Install EasyJek as a Thor command

Thor offers the possibility to add some tasks in the global thor repository

bash$ thor install easyjek.rb

You should be able to list the available thor tasks with :

bash$ thor list
thor easyjek:new_post title  # Create a new Post

If you see easyjek in the list below, you should be able to run easyjek with :

bash$ thor easyjek
  thor easyjek:help [COMMAND]  # Describe available commands or one specific command
  thor easyjek:new_post title  # Create a new Post