This is a Stripes project generator based on Groovy script
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Generate basic Stripes project with all good stuff already configured

Utility that allows to generate Stripes web application with all good stuff already configured Full doc, bug reports, contrib, etc. at :


Set the environment variable STRIPESGEN_HOME to the extracted stripes-generator folder, e.g. :

bash$ export STRIPESGEN_HOME=/Users/johndoe/tools/stripes-generator

On unix, set execution permissions on the stripesGen script :

bash$ chmod +x STRIPESGEN_HOME/bin/stripesGen

Add stripesGen to your PATH environment variable :

bash$ export PATH=$PATH:$STRIPESGEN_HOME/bin

You're ready to go ! To try your install, cd in any folder and type stripesGen :

bash$ cd /tmp
bash$ stripesGen

... you should see the usage message, which means everything should be ok !