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A plug-in for WeatherSnoop
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This project is provided as an example of how to write a plug-in for WeatherSnoop.

Before you compile the project for the first time, you must perform the following steps:

1) Using Finder, locate WeatherSnoop on your Mac.
2) Right click on WeatherSnoop and select "Show Package Contents" in the menu
3) In the Finder window that appears, navigate to the Contents/Frameworks folder.
4) Copy the TeeBoy.framework and WSKit.framework folders to the Library/Frameworks folder in your home directory.

Now you will able to successfully build the plug-in.

Note that when the plug-in is built, Xcode will automatically place it in your home folder's "Library/Application Support/com.tee-boy.weathersnoop/Data/Library/PlugIns" folder, where WeatherSnoop will locate it at startup.
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