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Hi everyone.

This is my first js13k game and my first post-mortem.

My inspiration was an old game i had as a kid. It was a board game, made for 4 players. I made some rules adjustment, because the game was built for <10-years old, and created "wired".

First to say, i'm not a designer, and i don't know how to draw beatufull things :) So my main focus in this game was all the game stuff other than design and drawings. I understand that it is a big minus for a game, but for me js13k is not a competition with others but a challenge for myself.

As i was saying, my focus was not on graphics, but to have a decent AI, decent game-rules, and something funny. And i'm pleased. It could always be better, and i know what mistakes i will not make next time.

My mistakes

  1. Start on time. Finish it a week before the deadline, and then you will have time to create all those little things that makes one game beautifull, and not just average.
  2. Dont compromise at the start. From this point of view, i would suggest that you first create the whole game and do not care about memory at all. Then when you minimize your code with any framework you want (i used google closure compiler), you will see how much you have to cut. I was thinking about memory too much, and in the end, i did not have all the things i planned, and i had some memory resources yet.
  3. Always try to do something you've never done before.. For me it was to create a sound effects. Any sound-effects :) I did not know anything about the music at all, anything about the music in the html5 games. And in the end if i had more time (see mistake #1 :) i could create a music that could go on in the background for the whole game. Still, when i'm asked about my main impression after js13k i say: "I created a sound" :) Everything else i did in this game i had done before, so without the sound, i would not have anything new i learned.
  4. Do not forget to make something funny, even if you would be the only one to understand it. That is something what makes the game yours!


My next js13k game would have a name: "a fight for every byte". I decided to take something real complex and havy and make it 13k. And to join forces with a designer :) Thats my new competition resolution.

All the best people, Pejkovic Bojan

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