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A library of useful classes and extensions to .NET. Partially based on implementing types from Rust and Kotlin, partially on useful things I've needed over and over again on projects.

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Things contained

  • std::option::Option from Rust
  • std::result::Result from Rust
  • Environment variable helper that uses Option
  • Async/await expression support for options, contributed by @garuma
  • Magical parsing extensions that return Result/Option
  • A priority queue, with API inspired by Rust's BinaryHeap
  • Some half-baked HTTP wrappers that need a bit of improvement
  • Head, Tail, and Rest (same as Tail, counterpart to First) extensions for IEnumerable<T>
  • Some Kotlin-inspired extension methods like Let, Also, Use, etc. See the Kotlin documentation.


  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Run dotnet build from the root, or use Visual Studio/VS Code.

Running Tests

  1. Run dotnet test in src\Oxide.Tests or use any other xUnit.NET + .NET Core-compatible test runner.