A Deluge client library written in C#, using the WebUI's JSON-RPC interface.
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What Is It

A Deluge client library, written in C#.

What It's Not

  • A Deluge RPC client (it's a JSON-RPC client, so it requires the WebUI).
  • A generic JSON-RPC client (though the bits are all there, more or less).



A .NET 4.0/C# 4.0 runtime/compiler. Mono 2.8.x or later will do.


There's no decent Deluge thin client for Mac--I'd rather not deal with the hassle of building Deluge from source or MacPorts if it isn't even going to net me a proper app bundle. The Windows Python build isn't exactly great either, and has freezing and quitting issues (as in, it sometimes freezes, and sometimes it won't quit). A C# library might go toward helping both fronts along.

Using It

using CodeRinseRepeat.Deluge;
var client = new DelugeClient ("http://deluge-host", webui-port);
client.Login ("delugePassword");
var torrents = client.GetTorrents ();
Console.WriteLine (torrents.First ());


  • Implement the actual Deluge RPC protocol, which I first need to either find thorough documentation on, or reverse engineer by sniffing the packets and reading the source as necessary.

  • Async calls may need a better name, or a better implementation, or to be spun off into a type of their own. Spawning off new tasks is simple though, and keeps the API clean.

  • Make the code better.