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#! -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
from collections import defaultdict
import numpy as np
import datetime
import pickle
class Word2Vec:
def __init__(self, train_data=None, word_size=128, window=5, min_count=5, model='cbow', shared_softmax=True, nb_negative=16, epochs=2, batch_size=8000):
if train_data: #如果有数据传入,那么启动建模和训练程序;如果没有,那么只初始化一个空对象。
import tensorflow as tf
global tf
self.train_data = train_data
self.word_size = word_size
self.window = window
self.min_count = min_count
self.model = model
self.shared_softmax = shared_softmax
self.nb_negative = nb_negative
self.epochs = epochs
self.batch_size = batch_size
self.words = defaultdict(int)
def word_count(self): #统计词频,过滤低频词
for total,t in enumerate(self.train_data):
for w in t:
self.words[w] += 1
if total % 10000 == 0:
print '%s, get %s articles, %s uique words.'%(, total, len(self.words))
self.words = {i:j for i,j in self.words.items() if j >= self.min_count}
self.id2word = {i+1:j for i,j in enumerate(self.words.keys())}
self.word2id = {j:i for i,j in self.id2word.items()}
self.total_sentences = total + 1
self.total_words = len(self.word2id)
self.total_word_frequency = sum(self.words.values())
print '%s, min_count=%s left %s unique words.'%(, self.min_count, self.total_words)
def random_softmax_loss(self, nb_negative, inputs, targets, weights, biases=None): #定义loss函数:随机抽样、点乘、交叉熵。
nb_classes, real_batch_size = tf.shape(weights)[0], tf.shape(targets)[0]
negative_sample = tf.random_uniform([real_batch_size, nb_negative], 0, nb_classes, dtype=tf.int32)
random_sample = tf.concat([targets, negative_sample], axis=1)
sampled_weights = tf.nn.embedding_lookup(weights, random_sample)
if biases:
sampled_biases = tf.nn.embedding_lookup(biases, random_sample)
sampled_logits = tf.matmul(inputs, sampled_weights, transpose_b=True)[:,0,:] + sampled_biases
sampled_logits = tf.matmul(inputs, sampled_weights, transpose_b=True)[:,0,:]
sampled_labels = tf.zeros([real_batch_size], dtype=tf.int32)
return tf.reduce_mean(tf.nn.sparse_softmax_cross_entropy_with_logits(logits=sampled_logits, labels=sampled_labels))
def build_model(self): #建立模型,比较常规
self.sess = tf.Session()
self.embeddings = tf.Variable(tf.random_uniform([self.total_words+1, self.word_size], -0.05, 0.05))
self.normalized_embeddings = tf.nn.l2_normalize(self.embeddings, 1)
self.target_words = tf.placeholder(tf.int32, shape=[None, 1])
if self.model == 'cbow':
self.input_words = tf.placeholder(tf.int32, shape=[None, 2*self.window])
self.input_vecs = tf.nn.embedding_lookup(self.embeddings, self.input_words)
self.input_vecs = tf.expand_dims(tf.reduce_sum(self.input_vecs, 1), 1)
self.input_words = tf.placeholder(tf.int32, shape=[None, 1])
self.input_vecs = tf.nn.embedding_lookup(self.embeddings, self.input_words)
if self.shared_softmax:
self.loss = self.random_softmax_loss(self.nb_negative, self.input_vecs, self.target_words, self.embeddings)
self.softmax_weights = tf.Variable(tf.random_uniform([self.total_words+1, self.word_size], -0.05, 0.05))
self.softmax_biases = tf.Variable(tf.zeros([self.total_words+1]))
self.loss = self.random_softmax_loss(self.nb_negative, self.input_vecs, self.target_words, self.softmax_weights, self.softmax_biases)
def data_generator(self): #数据生成器,用来生成每个batch
if self.model == 'cbow':
x,y = [],[]
for idx,t in enumerate(self.train_data):
t = [self.word2id[i] for i in t if i in self.word2id]
for i,s in enumerate(t):
win = t[max(0, i-self.window): i] + t[i+1: min(len(t), i+self.window)]
win += [0]*(2*self.window-len(win))
if len(x) == self.batch_size:
yield idx, np.array(x), np.array(y)
x,y = [],[]
if x:
yield idx, np.array(x), np.array(y)
x,y = [],[]
for idx,t in enumerate(self.train_data):
t = [self.word2id[i] for i in t if i in self.word2id]
for i,s in enumerate(t):
win = t[max(0, i-self.window): i] + t[i+1: min(len(t), i+self.window)]
for w in win:
if len(x) == self.batch_size:
yield idx, np.array(x), np.array(y)
x,y = [],[]
if x:
yield idx, np.array(x), np.array(y)
def train_model(self): #模型训练部分,主要使用了多进程,一个进程负责生成数据,一个负责训练数据
from multiprocessing import Process,Queue
self.train_step = tf.train.AdamOptimizer().minimize(self.loss)
for e in range(self.epochs):
queue = Queue(1000)
def put_into_queue(queue):
data = self.data_generator()
for d in data:
while queue.full():
putting = Process(target=put_into_queue, args=(queue,))
count = 0
while True:
idx,x,y = queue.get()
if count%100 == 0:
loss_ =, feed_dict={self.input_words: x, self.target_words: y})
print '%s, epoch %s, trained on %s articles, loss: %s'%(, e+1, idx, loss_), feed_dict={self.input_words: x, self.target_words: y})
count += 1
if idx+1 == self.total_sentences:
self.embeddings = #训练完成后,重新初始化变量,使得在没有tf的环境中也能够调用模型
self.normalized_embeddings =
if not self.shared_softmax:
self.softmax_weights =
self.softmax_biases =
def __getitem__(self, w):
return self.embeddings[self.word2id[w]]
def most_similar(self, word, topn=10): #通过cos相似度找近义词
word_vec = self.normalized_embeddings[self.word2id[word]]
word_sim =[1:], word_vec)
word_sim_argsort = word_sim.argsort()[::-1]
return [(self.id2word[i+1], word_sim[i]) for i in word_sim_argsort[1:topn+1]]
def log_proba(self, input_words): #由输入词预测词的概率分布对数
input_words = [self.embeddings[self.word2id[w]] for w in input_words if w in self.words]
if input_words:
if self.model == 'cbow': #对于cbow模型,直接将输入词向量求和然后点乘并softmax,这是很自然的。
input_words = sum(input_words)
if self.shared_softmax:
logits =, input_words)
logits =, input_words) + self.softmax_biases
logits = np.exp(logits - logits.max())+1e-12
log_proba = np.log(logits/logits.sum())
else: #对于skip-gram模型,则利用贝叶斯公式和特征独立假设来算
logs = []
for v in input_words:
if self.shared_softmax:
logits =, v)
logits =, v) + self.softmax_biases
logits = np.exp(logits - logits.max())+1e-12
log_proba = sum(logs) - np.array([0]+[(len(logs)-1)*(np.log(self.words[self.id2word[i]])-np.log(self.total_word_frequency)) for i in range(1,len(self.words)+1)])
log_proba_argsort = log_proba.argsort()[::-1]
return [(self.id2word[i], log_proba[i]) for i in log_proba_argsort if i != 0]
def save_model(self, saved_folder): #保存模型,模型不可再训练(事实上再训练对于多数人来说没有意义)
saved_folder = (saved_folder+'/').replace('//', '/')
pickle.dump([self.words, self.word2id, self.id2word, self.model, self.shared_softmax], open(saved_folder+'words.pickle', 'w'))'embeddings', self.embeddings)
if not self.shared_softmax:'softmax_weights', self.softmax_weights)'softmax_biases', self.softmax_biases)
def load_model(self, saved_folder): #重新加载模型,但不可再训练
saved_folder = (saved_folder+'/').replace('//', '/')
self.words, self.word2id, self.id2word, self.model, self.shared_softmax = pickle.load(open(saved_folder+'words.pickle'))
self.embeddings = np.load(saved_folder+'embeddings.npy')
self.normalized_embeddings = self.embeddings/(self.embeddings**2).sum(axis=1).reshape((-1,1))**0.5
if not self.shared_softmax:
self.softmax_weights = np.load(saved_folder+'softmax_weights.npy')
self.softmax_biases ='softmax_biases.npy')
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