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''' Present an interactive function explorer with slider widgets.
Scrub the sliders to change the properties of the ``sin`` curve, or
type into the title text box to update the title of the plot.
Use the ``bokeh serve`` command to run the example by executing:
bokeh serve
at your command prompt. Then navigate to the URL
in your browser.
import numpy as np
from import curdoc
from bokeh.layouts import row, widgetbox
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource
from bokeh.models.widgets import Slider, TextInput
from bokeh.plotting import figure
# Set up data
N = 200
x = np.linspace(0, 4*np.pi, N)
y = np.sin(x)
source = ColumnDataSource(data=dict(x=x, y=y))
# Set up plot
plot = figure(plot_height=400, plot_width=400, title="my sine wave",
x_range=[0, 4*np.pi], y_range=[-2.5, 2.5])
plot.line('x', 'y', source=source, line_width=3, line_alpha=0.6)
# Set up widgets
text = TextInput(title="title", value='my sine wave')
offset = Slider(title="offset", value=0.0, start=-5.0, end=5.0, step=0.1)
amplitude = Slider(title="amplitude", value=1.0, start=-5.0, end=5.0, step=0.1)
phase = Slider(title="phase", value=0.0, start=0.0, end=2*np.pi)
freq = Slider(title="frequency", value=1.0, start=0.1, end=5.1, step=0.1)
# Set up callbacks
def update_title(attrname, old, new):
plot.title.text = text.value
text.on_change('value', update_title)
def update_data(attrname, old, new):
# Get the current slider values
a = amplitude.value
b = offset.value
w = phase.value
k = freq.value
# Generate the new curve
x = np.linspace(0, 4*np.pi, N)
y = a*np.sin(k*x + w) + b = dict(x=x, y=y)
for w in [offset, amplitude, phase, freq]:
w.on_change('value', update_data)
# Set up layouts and add to document
inputs = widgetbox(text, offset, amplitude, phase, freq)
curdoc().add_root(row(inputs, plot, width=800))
curdoc().title = "Sliders"