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Updating versioneer to 0.17+ (#5622)

* Updating versioneer to 0.17+

Rebuilt versioneer using latest version, which has some windows
compatibility fixes and so forth. The main migration is moving
configuration for versioneer from to setup.cfg.

Refer to the python-versioneer repository for documentation;
roughly it installs a to the root directory of
the project which is used by to build a
file (a default is also provided when
is not used). The is used to retrieve the version
based on the VCS tag.

* Don't match tag_prefix in git describe

Not sure why but on windows, the asterisk is getting expanded
in subprocess.Popen(shell=False). Doing this as a temporary

* Use style=git-describe for versioneer

To keep the __version__ string backwards-compatible, use the
git-describe style offered by versioneer. (By default, versioneer
uses a PEP440-compliant __version__ string which uses "+"
as a delimiter for local versioning information.)

* no empty lines at the top of source files

* Update

* Update

* remove trailing whitespace
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