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mattpap Add a color picker and spinner widgets (#8678)
* Add a color picker and spinbox to widgets

* correct typescript indentation 4 spaces -> 2

* add callback attribute

* Improvement of color picker type handled

* rename spinner and warning about internet explorer in the docstring

* Correction of the HSL class documentation

* spinner in tests

* forgot to rename typescript

* Spinner improvements

* remove formatted strings

* trailing spaces

* Begin integration test implementation

* Add a new property which transform color to hexadecimal

* continue to add tests to spinner

* test correction

* py2 compat

* correct alphabetical order in __all__

* corrections post #8085

* code formatting

* Update and clean up widgets/{color_picker, spinner}

* Add a polyfill for Math.log10()
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BokehJS is a front-end JavaScript library for Bokeh.

The architecture of the library facilitates easy manipulation of the components and configuration of a plot from server-side code in python or other languages. However, BokehJS can also be used directly as a standalone JavaScript library, with plot data embedded directly into the page, retrieved via AJAX calls, or supplied by a separate Bokeh Plot server.


Please refer to the BokehJS section of the Bokeh Developer Guide for information about building, testing and demoing BokehJS.


We always appreciate feedback and value contributions. The core developers are working hard towards applying Bokeh and BokehJS towards some specific projects, so the development priorities will tend to center around those tasks, until the project reaches a point of stability.

Please join the discussion on the Bokeh mailing list.