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Bokeh Examples

Examples in this repository

This directory contains many examples of different ways to use Bokeh. As Bokeh has been evolving fast, it is important that you ensure that the version of an example you're looking at matches the version of Bokeh you are running.


This directory contains examples of Bokeh Apps, which are simple and easy to create web applications for data visualization or exploration.


This directory includes examples that show how to embed Bokeh plots and widget in HTML documents.


The examples in this directory are mini-tutorials that demonstrate and explain some particular aspect of Bokeh capability (such as linking and brushing), or walk through a particular example in additional detail.


This directory contains examples that use the lowest-level bokeh.models interface. For more understanding of the bokeh.models interface see the concepts section of the user_guide


This directory contains example using the bokeh.plotting interface. There are three subdirectories illustrating output in three different modes:

  • file examples that output to static HTML files

  • notebook examples that display inline in Jupyter notebooks

  • server examples that send output to a Bokeh server, using the python client library for the server


This directory contains examples that demonstrate the various glyphs that have support for WebGL rendering. Most of these examples have a testing purpose, e.g. to compare the appearance of the WebGL glyph with its regular appearance, or to test another aspect of WebGL (e.g. blending of transparent glyphs).

Other sources for examples