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mattpap and bryevdv Miscellaneous improvements to bokehjs (#8740)
* Enable tslint in bokehjs/make

* Fix types after adding "auto-hide toolbar"

* Remove options from View.initialize()

* Reduce usage of any type in api/plotting

* Replace {[key: string]: any} with more precise types

* Upgrade bokehjs dependencies and fix the code

* Hack around conflicting "base" modules
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clustering Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019
crossfilter Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019
dash Replace vendored bootstrap and font-awesome with CDN (#8667) Feb 18, 2019
export_csv Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019
faces Don't allow user agent styles to overwrite ours (#8652) Feb 20, 2019
gapminder Pandas warning removed in Gapminder example (#8322) Oct 13, 2018
movies Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019
ohlc Updated (#8199) Aug 31, 2018
simple_hdf5 Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019
spectrogram Miscellaneous improvements to bokehjs (#8740) Mar 12, 2019
stocks Update (#8634) Feb 7, 2019
surface3d Rewrite custom extensions in TypeScript (#8657) Feb 21, 2019
weather removed unnecessary for loop on source data update (#5707) Jan 18, 2017 fix pivot png Jun 20, 2018 feature: add built in themes: dark_minimal and light_minimal (#8062) Jul 11, 2018 REF: Use generators inplace of lists #8092 (#8101) Jul 23, 2018 Binary array transport (#6906) Sep 10, 2017 Add visible property to all renderers (#4868) Jul 24, 2016 Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019 Improve the layout subsystem (#8085) Feb 1, 2019

Bokeh Applications

The examples in this directory all make use of the Bokeh server, to create data visualization web apps from simple python scripts.

To run any of these examples, excute bokeh serve --show and the name of the script or dirctory that contains the demo. For example,

bokeh serve --show

will run the "sliders" demo, and open it up in a new browser tab.

The demos container here are:

Demonstrates different scikit-learn clustering alorithms on a few different data sets.
Explore the "autompg" data set by selecting and highlighting different dimensions
Demonstrates use of custom Boostrap template with a Bokeh application
Query a data table and save the results to a CSV file
A continuously updating demonstration of Fourier synthesis using periodic callbacks
A reproduction of the famous Gapminder demo, with embedded video added using a custom page template
An interactive query tool for a set of IMDB data
A simulated streaming OHLC chart with MACD indicator and selectable moving averages using periodic callbacks nad the efficient streaming API
A tool for creating pivot charts from CSVs.
Shows axis histograms for selected and nonselected points in a scatter plot
A basic demo that has sliders for controlling a plotted trigonometric function
A live audio spectrogram that connects NumPy to interactive web visualizations
Linked plots, summary statistics, and correlations for market data
An updating 3d plot that demonstrates using using Bokeh custom extensions to wrap third-party JavaScript libraries
A basic demo with dropdown menus and weather data for various cities
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