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* add  to print

* have stack glyph method auto-add stackers as glyph renderer .name

* add tooltips convenience arg to Figure and Plot.haver accessor

* simplify examples

* add support for special @

* update docs

* update release notes

* add missing docstring
Latest commit 422a437 May 24, 2018

Create an interactive query and visualization dashboard for a set of IMDB movie data. Inspired by the Shiny Movie Explorer.

Setting Up

This demo requires Bokeh sample data sets to be installed. From the command line, execute:

python -c "import bokeh.sampledata;"

And all the necessary data files will be downloaded to a subfolder in your home directory.

Additionally, this demo requires the pandas library in order to run. To install pandas using conda, execute the command:

conda install pandas

To install using pip, execute the command:

pip install pandas


To view the app directly from a Bokeh server, navigate to the parent directory examples/app, and execute the command:

bokeh serve --show movies