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Create a simple stocks correlation dashboard.

Sample Data

To run the stocks applet example, you first need to download a sample data file. A python script is included in the applet's directory to collect and extract the data, which can be run directly from the directory:


This should be all that is necessary.

In case the above script does not work, the file can be downloaded manually from this location:

Once the file is downloaded, move it to this directory and unzip it. Unzip the file by clicking on it (in Windows), or by executing this command from the command line:


This will leave a 'quantquote_daily_sp500_83986' subdirectory in this directory. Finally, move the 'daily' directory by executing this command from the command line:

mv quantquote_daily_sp500_83986/daily .


Bokeh Server

To view this applet directly from a bokeh server, you simply need to run a bokeh server and point it at the stock example directory. For example, from this directory, you can run:

bokeh serve .

Or from one directory level up, you can run:

bokeh serve stocks

Now navigate to the following URL in a browser: