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Sphinx must be installed. Additionally, we use the following addon:

    $ pip install sphinxcontrib-httpdomain

To build the gallery, ggplot and seaborn are also needed:

    $ pip install ggplot
    $ pip install seaborn

Manual actions for new releases

The link to the sitemap should be added to the Google Search Console.

On a major point release (e.g. 0.9 -> 0.10) please update `html_context['ALL_VERSIONS']`
in ```` which is the list of versions that will appear in the dropdown version selector
in the docs.


Build requires to install sampledata:

    $ python -c 'import bokeh;'

To build the entire docs:

    $ make clean all

To serve the built docs into a local browser:

    $ make serve

Issue "make help" to see a list of all make commands.

To deploy docs to you have multiple options, such as:

     $ fab deploy # deploy the current checked out version at /<version>

     $ fab deploy:<name> # deploy the current checked out version at /<name>

For example:

     $ fab deploy:0.9.2 # deploy at /0.9.2
     $ fab deploy:test  # deploy at /test
     $ fab deploy:dev   # deploy at /dev

Additionally, you have the "latest" task to update the `/latest` link to the specified version:

    $ fab latest:0.9.3 # link /latest to 0.9.3 version

 - requires having SSH keys for "bokeh" user.
 - you may want to specify the docs_version by using environment variable