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Team "A Storm of Minds" ICFP Contest 2018 Entry

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ICFP Programming Contest 2018 - A Storm of Minds


Jan Dreske and Christoph Breitkopf. We are based in Hannover, Germany and Vienna, but met in Hannover for the contest.


Our solver is written in Java and requires a java 8 jvm to run.

Build from source using

$ ./gradlew build


We implemented multiple solvers and ran them on all problems (where applicable) to choose the best one. The solvers are all generic - that is, we did not write special solvers based on a certain problem structure or even on individual problems.

Our solvers started with very simple (basically the default trace with movements combined and low harmonics when possible) and progressed to using fission and group commands later on.

Our solvers performance is mostly limited by an inefficient way to maintain the information about which voxels are grounded. This caused us some pain on the larger problems. For some problems we had to deactivate the slower solvers to generate valid traces in time.

Why we deserve the judge's prize

We probably don't. We did have a lot of ideas what to do - have a special mode where our solvers don't optimize for low energy, but generate nice bot movements, e.g. a ballet or a aerobatic team flying through the Gateway Arch while trailing filled voxels (in high harmonics mode, of course). But alas, limited time prevented us from implementing this. A modest attempt is ''solutions/arch.nbt'', to be used with ''FD147_src.mdl''.


Creating a trace:

$ java -Xss200m -Xms1g -jar build/libs/icfpc2018-0.0.1.jar solve <model> <dest> <solver>

for assembly and deconstruction problems, and

$ java -Xss200m -Xms1g -jar build/libs/icfpc2018-0.0.1.jar solve <sourcemodel> <targetmodel> <dest> <solver>

for reconstruction problems. The solver names are listed in the source file ''''.

The jar supports more commands, most notably ''solveAll'' to try a set of solvers on all problems in a directory.


Team "A Storm of Minds" ICFP Contest 2018 Entry







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