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the font-awesome font bundled as an asset for the rails asset pipeline

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font-awesome-rails provides the Font-Awesome web fonts and stylesheets as a Rails engine for use with the asset pipeline.


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem "font-awesome-rails"

and run bundle install.


In your application.css, include the css file:

*= require font-awesome

If you prefer SCSS, add this to your application.css.scss file:

@import "font-awesome";

If you use the Sass indented syntax, add this to your application.css.sass file:

@import font-awesome

IE7 Support

If you must support IE7, use a conditional comment to provide the font-awesome-ie7.min.css stylesheet to Internet Explorer.

<!--[if lt IE 8]>
<%= stylesheet_link_tag "font-awesome-ie7.min.css, media: "all" %>

In haml, that would look like:

/[if lt IE 8]
  = stylesheet_link_tag "font-awesome-ie7.min.css, media: "all"

Either way, Make sure that font-awesome-ie7.min.css is part of config.assets.precompile in your environments/production.rb.

config.assets.precompile += %w( font-awesome-ie7.min.css )

Alternatively, if you already have a CSS file provided by a conditional comment (say, application-ie.css), you can include the ie7 styleshet in that:

*= require font-awesome-ie7.min


Version   FontAwesome SHA1 Hash    Notes / Other additions
--------  ----------------------   ------------------------
0.1.0     378b2d7                  Simplest packaging as a gem as possible
0.2.0     563a6f3                  Repackaged after their new release
0.2.1     563a6f3                  Forgot I had patched the css to reflect the font assetified location.
0.3.0     UNKNOWN                  Aditya Sanghi pulled it in and I wasn't watching.
                                   Will make sure that doesn't happen again.
0.4.0     05e5e5b                  Pullup request to 2.0 release of font-awesome
0.5.0     contrib, christhekeele   Attempt to prepare request to 3.0 release of font-awesome   7d173f2                  3.0.1 release (bug fixes and alignment improvements)   13d5dd3                  3.0.2 release (better IE7 rendering)

note on version 0.2.0: FontAwesome now includes scss and sass files, but when I used them instead of the plain ol css file included in the project, it wanted some compass libraries. I'm a fan of compass, but including an entire tool like that in order to generate a @font_face tag seems a little much... I don't want this gem to require compass for such a trivial thing, so we are staying on the vanilla css file for now.


  • Add a mechanism to test that the assets provided are available on the path expected.


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