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An eample showing fullcalendar running with Rails 3.2, all bundled up as a nice and tidy asset gem

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Using fullCalendar with Rails 3.2

I recently made several asset gems out of the FullCalendar and the plugins. This is a simple example to see them in action. Take a look at the GemFile and the application.js and application.css files to see those in action.

Fullcalendar is an awesome jquery calendar. You can see it in action at this url:

This is an example of how to use it with Rails.

Here's the gist… You can follow along commit-by-commit with the checkin comments; they explain everything pretty well.

  • started with a stock Rails 3.2 app

  • added my asset gems to add full calendar and into the mix

  • created an event model and controller as stock scaffolding, then modified the controller slightly to accept the query parameters for ranges that FullCalendar will throw at it.

  • created a controller/view for the calendar, but its pretty much just an empty div that FullCalendar enhances.

  • glued it all together with the javascript in app/assets/javascripts/

Yes, the UI for the events is just scaffolding. I might pretty it up in the future, but the whole point of this exercise is a minimal example of using those two gems.

I had previously done this with Rails 3 at the rails3_fullcalendar repo of mine; that has now been OBE by this repo.

Have fun.

–Running this on your own machine.

  • check it out.

  • bundle

  • migrate

  • start the app

  • look at it in a browser

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