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The code is not supported in any way
What is this:
XMPP component implementation.
The external component connects to Jabber/XMPP server using XEP-0114 protocol. The code contains a gen_component behavior for handling routed packets in a structured fashion.
test_component.erl contains minimal component code. Please refer to xep0114:test/0 function for usage example.
EXMPP library has to be installed.
In order for component to be able to connect to the server, product-specific configuration has to be done on a server side.
If you're using ejabberd, below is a fragment of ejabberd.cfg (release 2.0.5) that corresponds to test/0 mentioned above:
% This fragment has to be added to a service list inside <listen> element; adjust host names acording to your domain names.
<start of fragment>
{7047, ejabberd_service,
[{hosts, ["test1.zephyr.local"],
[{password, "secret"}]}]},
{9049, ejabberd_service,
[{hosts, ["test2.zephyr.local"],
[{password, "secret"}]}]},
<end of fragment>
Please refer to ejabberd installation guide for service configuration details.
To run the test:
1. Adjust host names according to your domain names both in the fragment below and in test:test_gen_component/0;
2. Fire Erlang shell in a directory where files are and recompile:
3. From Erlang shell:
The output should show handshake messages. From now on you should be able to see services through conventional Jabber client
using Service Discovery. It was tested with Adium and Psi. You will also see incoming packets as the client sends them to services.
License and disclaimers:
The code is free software and is licensed under GNU General Public License.
Please refer to source code headers for details.