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Making with Arduino Workshop

This repository contains the materials and samples for my Arduino Workshop, hosted by Pittsburgh Code & Supply Co.. If you don't regularly use Git, you can use the Download ZIP button on the right to download the contents and access them that way.

Installing the Arduino IDE

  1. Visit the Arduino software page.
  2. We'll be using version 1.6.5 for this class. Select the version for your specific operating system. Download and install.
  3. If you're using Windows, you should be done. If you're using OSX or Linux, read on.
  4. You'll probably need to install a driver, since the Arduinos we're using have a CH340 USB-to-serial chip. Visit the drivers folder in this repository and extract and install the appropriate driver for your OS. NOTE: I have not tested this on Linux.


In the samples folder you will find examples of how to use a variety of sensors and other components. These are meant to be quite simple and illustrate how the component is used.


These are combinations of various sensors/components that I did not create, but use a lot of the components that we have access to during the workshop.


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