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Arduino library for communicating with Analog Microelectronics AMS 5915 pressure transducers.


This library is licensed under the GPLV3. Please contact us at to obtain other licenses.


The Analog Microelectronics AMS 5915 pressure transducers are fully signal conditioned, amplified, and temperature compensated over a temperature range of -25 to +85 C. These sensors generate data with high precision, high stability and low drift. Digital measurements are sampled with a 14 bit resolution. The AMS 5915 sensors are available in a wide variety of pressure ranges and in configurations suited for barometric, differential, and bidirectional differential measurement.


This library communicates with the AMS 5915 sensors using an I2C interface. The default I2C address for the AMS 5915 is 0x28; however, a USB starter kit may be purchased to enable programming additional slave addresses. Pressure and temperature data can be provided at rates of up to 2 kHz.


Simply clone or download and extract the zipped library into your Arduino/libraries folder.

Function Description

Object Declaration

AMS5915(TwoWire &bus,uint8_t address,AMS5915::Transducer type) An AMS5915 object should be constructed, specifying the I2C bus, AMS 5915 I2C address, and the AMS 5915 transducer type. The enumerated transducer types are:

Sensor Name Enumerated Type Pressure Type Pressure Range
AMS 5915-0005-D AMS5915_0005_D differential / relative 0...500 Pa
AMS 5915-0010-D AMS5915_0010_D differential / relative 0...1000 Pa
AMS 5915-0005-D-B AMS5915_0005_D_B bidirectional differential -500...+500 Pa
AMS 5915-0010-D-B AMS5915_0010_D_B bidirectional differential -1000...+1000 Pa
AMS 5915-0020-D AMS5915_0020_D differential / relative 0...2000 Pa
AMS 5915-0050-D AMS5915_0050_D differential / relative 0...5000 Pa
AMS 5915-0100-D AMS5915_0100_D differential / relative 0...10000 Pa
AMS 5915-0020-D-B AMS5915_0020_D_B bidirectional differential -2000...+2000 Pa
AMS 5915-0050-D-B AMS5915_0050_D_B bidirectional differential -5000...+5000 Pa
AMS 5915-0100-D-B AMS5915_0100_D_B bidirectional differential -10000...+10000 Pa
AMS 5915-0200-D AMS5915_0200_D differential / relative 0...20000 Pa
AMS 5915-0350-D AMS5915_0350_D differential / relative 0...35000 Pa
AMS 5915-1000-D AMS5915_1000_D differential / relative 0...100000 Pa
AMS 5915-2000-D AMS5915_2000_D differential / relative 0...200000 Pa
AMS 5915-4000-D AMS5915_4000_D differential / relative 0...400000 Pa
AMS 5915-7000-D AMS5915_7000_D differential / relative 0...700000 Pa
AMS 5915-10000-D AMS5915_10000_D differential / relative 0...1000000 Pa
AMS 5915-0200-D-B AMS5915_0200_D_B bidirectional differential -20000...+20000 Pa
AMS 5915-0350-D-B AMS5915_0350_D_B bidirectional differential -35000...+35000 Pa
AMS 5915-1000-D-B AMS5915_1000_D_B bidirectional differential -100000...+100000 Pa
AMS 5915-1000-A AMS5915_1000_A absolute 0...100000 Pa
AMS 5915-1200-B AMS5915_1200_B barometric 70000...120000 Pa

For example, the following code declares an AMS5915 object called sPress with an AMS5915-1200-B sensor located on I2C bus 0 with an I2C address of 0x10:

AMS5915 sPress(Wire,0x10,AMS5915::AMS5915_1200_B);

Setup Functions

int begin() This should be called in your setup function. It initializes and tests the I2C communication and sets the minimum and maximum pressure and temperature values based on the AMS 5915 sensor. The return value is positive if successful in initializing communication with the pressure transducer and negative if it is not successful.


Data Collection Functions

int readSensor() reads the sensor and stores the newest data in a buffer, it should be called every time you would like to retrieve the most current data from the sensor. This function returns a positive value if it's succesful in retrieving the data and negative if not succesful.


float getPressure_Pa() gets the pressure value from the data buffer and returns it in units of Pascal.

float pressure;
pressure = sPress.getPressure_Pa();

float getTemperature_C() gets the temperature value from the data buffer and returns it in units of degrees Celsius.

float temperature;
temperature = sPress.getTemperature_C();

Example List

  • AMS5915_example: demonstrates declaring an object, initializing the sensor, and collecting data. In this example the sensor is an AMS5915-1200-B with a sensor address of 0x12 located on I2C bus 0.

Wiring and Pullups

Please refer to the Analog Microelectronics AMS 5915 datasheet and your microcontroller's pinout diagram.

The silver dot on the AMS 5915 marks the location of Pin 1. The AMS 5915 pinout is:

  • Pin 1: Ground
  • Pin 2: VCC, this should be a 3.0V to 3.6V power source.
  • Pin 3: SDA
  • Pin 4: SCL

4.7 kOhm resistors should be used as pullups on SDA and SCL, these resistors should pullup with a 3.3V source.


Arduino library for communicating with Analog Microelectronics AMS 5915 pressure transducers.




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