Repository for the mobile application for the JavaOne conference.
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Server side of the mobile application commissioned by Typesafe

TypesafeCon is an application for conference attendees to visualize content and sessions related to the Typesafe Stack (Scala, Akka and the Play! Framework), while interacting with other enthusiasts around them.

Built by Tindr in collaboration with Magnetic Bear Studios

Running TypesafeCon

To install and run TypesafeCon you need to have the Typesafe Stack installed, and follow these steps:

1. Clone this repository
2. Install Postgres (If you prefer a different DB make sure to change the application.conf accordingly)
3. Create a typesafecon DB user with a new database called typesafecon
4. Rename conf/private.conf.sample to conf/private.conf and edit it to reflect your DB, Pusher and Email credentials.
5. Make sure ImageMagick is installed on your system by running convert. If it is not, use your preferred installation method.
6. To verify the installation, cd to the project root and run sbt test. All tests should run successfully.
7. Hack away!

If you use Eclipse or Idea, you’ll have to run the proper sbt target to generate project files, as those are not checked into the repository.


The playground area is merely a placeholder for you to play with. It consists of a simple view (playground.scala.html) and a trivial controller method in the Application controller (Application.playground).

We want you to play with the code, and add any features you’d like. The playground is just the easiest place to throw some quick stuff at. You could, for example, calculate some stats and show them in the playground view, grab event or speaker data and do some fun stuff with it. As long as you respect the users’ privacy, anything goes.

And, when you have something to show, contribute to the repo…

Contributing to TypesafeCon

Since we’re dealing with private data, any contributions will be made through pull requests.

Just send us any commits you have, and we’ll take a look. If your changes are safe and fun for everyone, we’ll publish them ASAP!


The mobile app repositories are available here and here