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import string
import random
def get_word_list(filename):
with open(filename) as file:
line = file.readline()
wordlist = string.split(line)
return wordlist
def get_game_word(wordlist):
game_word = random.choice(wordlist)
if len(game_word) <= 7:
game_word = random.choice(wordlist)
return game_word
def scramble_letters(word):
new_word = ''
for num in range(len(word)):
index = random.choice(range(len(word)))
letter = word[index]
new_word += letter
word = word[:index] + word[index + 1:]
return new_word
def get_user_words(word):
words = []
while True:
user_word = raw_input("Type 'done!' to end the game. Type 'scramble!' to scramble the letters. Type 'print!' to print the letters again.\nEnter a word: ")
if user_word == "done!":
print "Game ended.\n"
return words
elif user_word == "print!":
print word
elif user_word == "scramble!":
print scramble_letters(word)
def guess_is_valid_word(guess, wordlist):
return guess in wordlist
def guess_is_in_letters(guess, word):
for char in guess:
index = word.find(char)
if index == -1:
return False
word = word[:index] + word[index + 1:]
return True
def get_valid_user_words(user_words, word, word_list):
valid_words = []
for guess in user_words:
if guess_is_in_letters(guess, word) and guess_is_valid_word(guess, word_list):
return valid_words
def calculate_score(valid_words):
total_score = 0
print "The scores for your valid words: \n"
for word in valid_words:
if len(word) <= 1:
word_score = 0
word_score = len(word)
total_score += word_score
print word, ":", word_score
print "\n" + "Game total score: %d" % total_score
def main():
print "List all the words made from these letters that you can find:"
word_list = get_word_list("words.txt")
game_word = scramble_letters(get_game_word(word_list))
print game_word, "\n"
user_words = get_user_words(game_word)
valid_words = get_valid_user_words(user_words, game_word, word_list)
if __name__ == "__main__":