Latest Release

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The current Seco release is 0.6. It has the following changes:

  • Introduced the ability to run Seco with simplified GUI. The simplified GUI is without the zoomable interface and therefore the display of text is prettier. The zoomable interface is based on Piccolo and fonts don't show well when passed through that filter. If you don't care about font prettiness, the zoomable canvas is much more fun and is available as a command line option. Future rewrite in JavaFX will hopefully produce better results.
  • Added a few command line parameters to start simple vs. full GUI or skip workspace/niche selection.
  • Fix of a nasty paint bug that was leading to a blank page with some large output cells.
  • Fix of several bugs with the styles and style dialogs. They weren't saving correctly and they weren't taking effect properly.
  • More bug fixes and code cleanup since project maintenance changed hands.


Downloads for the latest release are available at:

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