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compiler with polyhedral optmization for a lazy functional programming language
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Note: this codebase is now being developed in C++: simplexhc-cpp.

This is supposed to be a simple compiler for a lazy functional programming language like haskell Core (hence "hc" = "haskell compiler"). simplex so it is vaguely related to polyhedral compilation.

I am trying to verify if ideas in polyhedral compilation can be used on lazy programming languages, by trying to go the Core -> STG -> LLVM route.

Currently, I'm trying to implement a full STG interpreter with eval/apply semantics (not push/enter), since that's what GHC uses.

The master head is push/enter, since I wanted to understand this first, and then move on to eval/apply.

I wish to model the sum & product types in STG as spaces, perhaps modeled with integer polyhedra, so I can reuse the machinery of isl. This doesn't really work, since isl needs affine maps, and I don't think there's a reasonable interpretation of "affine" that works to analyse parallelism for lazy languages. Some of the ideas are written down in my repo: bollu/dependence-analysis-hask

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