Enhancements to tile cutter for parallelism and image format support
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This enhancement to the gdal2tiles.py script includes the following additional features:

  • Parallel processing, to use all available machine cores when generating tiles. This speeds up tile creation considerably.
  • Support for both the TMS and XYZ tile cache formats. Use the -o flag to choose; XYZ is the default format.
  • Support for both PNG and JPEG tile outputs. Use the -f flag to choose; PNG is the default format.

Run gdal2tilesp.py --help to check all the command-line parameters of the script.


  • Generates tilesjson in the file index.html, which then is consumed by KlokanTech tileview.
    • tileview further generates Leaflet, OpenLayers 2 & 3, Google Maps, WebGL, OL3-Cesium, Mapbox JS, and ArcGIS for JavaScript.
  • Generates Leaflet layer for use with the XYZ default format. Where the tms parameter is set to false
  • Generates metatdata.json which is interpreted by mb-util for use with mbtiles.
var lyr = L.tileLayer('./{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {tms: false, opacity: 1.0, attribution: ""});


  • The epsg::900913 projection code is not supported, use epsg:3857 to generate a tile set in web mercator projection.