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List component testing steps

List component render as expected (functionally and visually)

The server-side pre-rendered bolt-headline component should look almost identical to the client-side rendered version. To verify:

  1. Disable javascript and view the Headline Demo page.
  2. Then, enable javascript and watch as the List re-renders on the client-side.
  3. The layout should not shift, e.g. the spacing in between each list item should be identical before and after the web component re-renders.

List component functional testing steps

Functional testing should be performed manually by the QA team across the standard compliment of browsers. In each scenario, browser-type is specified when necessary. If browser type is not specified, the test applies to both "desktop" and "mobile" browsers.

Feature: list

In order to present text in a range of sizes, font weights, and fontstyles to convey reading priority
As a UX designer, developer or content administrator
I need to ensure the "bolt-headline" component renders and functions as expected

Scenario: tag variations

  1. Given I am viewing the tag variations page.
  2. A List of header tags(H1-H6), a paragragh tag(p), and a span tag.
  3. Below each tag should be a text sample that shows the font size each tag would produce.

Scenario: alignment variations

  1. Given I am viewing the alignment variations page.
  2. There should be three Align headings.
  3. Beneath each should be text samples aligned at the far left, the center, and the far right of the page.

Scenario: style and weight variations

  1. Given I am viewing the style and weight variations page.
  2. A list of text samples in various combination of font size, font weight, and font styles.

Scenario: icon variations

  1. Given I am viewing the icon variations page.
  2. A list of headlines with three positioning options(before, after, and default), and a headline exhibiting the option to choose various different icons.
  3. A headline list that shows examples of the deprecated positioning options.

Scenario: link variations

  1. Given I am viewing the link variations page.
  2. Three links that show a default icon with an arrow, a defined icon with a magnifying glass, or no icon.

Scenario: quoted variations

  1. Given I am viewing the quoted variations page.
  2. There should be a single headline with quotes.
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