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/// @group Settings: Breakpoints
/// @author Salem Ghoweri
/// Major breakpoints used globally in Bolt.
/// @type Map
/// @see bolt-breakpoint
$bolt-breakpoints: (
xxsmall: 320px,
xsmall: 400px,
small: 600px,
medium: 800px,
large: 1000px,
xlarge: 1200px,
xxlarge: 1400px,
xxxlarge: 1920px
) !default;
/// A duplicate of $bolt-breakpoints - used within mq()
/// @see {mixin} bolt-mq
$mq-breakpoints: $bolt-breakpoints;
@include export-data("breakpoints.bolt.json", $bolt-breakpoints);
// Re-map Bolt's namespaced Sassmap to the Sass MQ's `$breakpoints` default
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