Bolt. A javascript module system.
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Bolt is a javascript module system, inspired by, but at this point (intentionally) not compatible with the AMD specification. Bolt consists of a runtime framework, compiler and testing tools.

The general philosophy is quick, clean and easy.

Bolt is open source under a BSD style license.


Getting Bolt

cd install-dir
curl | tar xfz -
sudo ln -s `pwd`/bolt-*/bin/bolt /usr/local/bin/bolt

Or via npm:

npm install -g boltjs


Bolt relies on node.js v0.8+ which can be obtained from or your system's package manager.

If you want to run bolt test with karma, you will also need to install karma: npm install -g karma.


Bolt is arranged into several modules. All modules can be built and tested very quickly with:

git clone
cd bolt
make dist

The distribution tar can then be found in gen/dist/bolt-local.tar.gz, or unpacked in gen/image/bolt-local.


To push a release:

make release


Bolt was initially developed to support products at Ephox.

The library was open-sourced under a BSD License, drawing users, support and improvements from a number of contributors.

The initial developers have since left the employment of Ephox and now maintain this fork boltjs/bolt.