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NOTE: This repo contains only the documentation for the private BoltsOps Pro repo code. Original file: The docs are publish so they are available for interested customers. For access to the source code, you must be a paying BoltOps Pro subscriber. If are interested, you can contact us at or

Security Controls Blueprint

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This blueprint provisions several Lambda Functions to apply security controls continuously on your AWS resources for compliance. It can be use as-is. It can also serve as an example to be forked if the controls do not perfectly fit your requirements. The current controls:

  • s3 bucket hardening: automatically enable access logs, encryption, lifecycle policy, ensure ssl bucket policy.
  • security groups: automatically close port 22 (SSH) and 3389 (RD) if they are opened to the world. Sends SNS topic notification telling you who opened the port.
  • sns topic encryption: automatically enables encryption on SNS Topics.

By design, the automatic controls apply to new AWS resources on a go-forward based only. This removes the risk of disrupting current running services. To retroactively remediate existing resources quickly, you can use the companion tools:


  1. Add blueprint to Gemfile
  2. Configure: configs/security-controls values
  3. Deploy blueprint


Add the blueprint to your lono project's Gemfile.

gem "security-controls", git: "", submodules: true


Use the lono seed command to generate a starter config params files.

LONO_ENV=development lono seed security-controls
LONO_ENV=production  lono seed security-controls

The files in config/security-controls folder will look something like this:

└── variables
    ├── development.rb
    └── production.rb

Configure the configs/security-controls/variables files.


Use the lono cfn deploy command to deploy.

LONO_ENV=development lono cfn deploy security-controls --sure --no-wait
LONO_ENV=production  lono cfn deploy security-controls --sure --no-wait

If you are using One AWS Account, use these commands instead: One Account.

Adding Additional Controls

To add additional controls, follow these steps:

  1. Add control method app/templates/controls_helper.rb
  2. Call method in app/templates/security-controls.rb
  3. Define corresponding class in [app/files/lambda/lib/secure/control] - The other classes provide examples and shows the interface to implement. Simply the run method is required.

Lambda Function in VPC

To configure the Lambda function with VpcConfig set @subnet_ids and either @vpc_id or @security_group_ids.

  • When the @vpc_id is set, the template creates a managed security group for you and the Lambda function is configured to use that security group.
  • When @security_group_ids is set, the Lambda function will use those existing security groups.
  • The subnet must be a private subnet with configured with a NAT.

Here's an example of the managed security group.


@subnet_ids = ["subnet-111"]
@vpc_id = "vpc-111"

For Lambda VPC to work, the subnet must be a private subnet configured with a NAT. The security group must also allow access. Here's an example that opens all ports for the VPC CIDR range:

@security_group_ingress = [{
  CidrIp: stack_output("vpc.VpcCidr"),
  IpProtocol: -1,

Note, Lambda functions configured with VPCs may take much longer to deploy, typically 30-45 minutes. This is because Lambda creates and attaches an ENI to the Lambda function to make the VPC feature possible. If the function is deleted or updated, requiring replacement, the ENI takes 30-45m to be removed. Because of this, it is recommended to write code for your Lambda function code without the VpcConfig first. Get it working and then add VpcConfig at the end.

X-Ray Tracing

Lambda X-Ray tracing is set to Active by default. You can disable this by setting @tracing_config_mode = false. Example:


@tracing_config_mode = false

You can also change the mode with the same @tracing_config_mode variable:

@tracing_config_mode = "Active" # or "PassThrough"


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