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BOLTS is a open library of technical specifications
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BOLTS is an Open Library for Technical Specifications.

This repository contains all the tools and data that are required to build the different distributions and the website. You only need to get the content of this repository if you want to contribute content to BOLTS or want to develop the tools that are used to manage it.

If you just want to use BOLTS, then you should get the BOLTS distribution for the CAD tool of your choice from the download section of the webpage instead. Instructions on how to use the distributions can be found in the documentation section.

The webpage contains a lot of general infos, a list of all parts contained in BOLTS and quite a bit of documentation. So if you have more questions, the chances to find answers on the webpage (redirect to

are much higher than to find them here.


You should check out the documentation. on the webpage for more information on how to get and use BOLTS.

Dependencies for use

To use BOLTS for OpenSCAD

is required.

To use BOLTS for FreeCAD

is required.


Dependencies for development

In any case you should have


Depending on the target system you want to develop for additional dependencies are required.

For BOLTS for OpenSCAD:

For BOLTS for FreeCAD

For BOLTS for SolidWorks

To work on the website it is recommended to use a virtualenv for the python dependencies, see the documentation for more details. If you don't want to use a virtualenv, you can install the python requirements listed in requirements.txt. In addition you need

  • node-less
  • cleancss

To run the utility script (for development)

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