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0.4.1 release

  • fix some regressions from 0.4.0




  • binary: boltsos_0.4.1.tar.gz
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0.4.0 release

  • no release binaries will be added since 0.4.0 has some regression introduced lately. Thus use 0.4.1
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v0.4 pre

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  • originally released on April 24. in 2014, see blog post
  • Python 2.6 compatibility for the FreeCAD backend
  • Common Parameters
  • More and better automatic checks
  • Many small and bigger improvements to the webpage.
  • Improved structure of code, resulting in smaller distribution files
  • Improvements for the utility script.
  • Connectors for OpenSCAD
  • An IGES backend and distribution
  • PySide compatibility for newer versions of FreeCAD
  • 2D tables
  • Colored threaded faces in FreeCAD and OpenSCAD
  • More parts, the automatic counter claims 56 classes in 12 collection covering more than 2200 different parts (but this number is a bit inflated)
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  • originally released on Oktober 10th in 2013, see blog post
  • Has support for OpenSCAD and FreeCAD.
  • Uses a flexible, human- and machine-readable data format to encode information about commonly used parts.
  • Allows to represent the geometry of the parts either as OpenSCAD modules for OpenSCAD or Python functions or FCstd files for FreeCAD.
  • Automatically generates HTML Documentation, an OpenSCAD Library and a FreeCAD widget that can make use of this information.
  • Has extensive Documentation that describes how to contribute new parts.
  • Includes a integrated license management system that allows to reuse existing code while ensuring license compliance.
  • Provides standard parts for 135 different standards by 8 different standardisation organisations and also some parts that are not standardized.