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Processing code associated with my talk on Interactive Projection Mapping for Processing Community Day NYC in 2019.
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Interactive Projection Mapping with Processing!

This repository complements my workshop on interactive projection mapping at Processing Community Day NYC 2019. In this workshop, the audience will learn how to transform a Processing sketch into an interactive projection installation. We’ll use Syphon to stream the output of a Processing sketch into projection mapping tools, learn how to map our projected sketch onto a unique surface, and make our projection installation interactive by integrating a basic sensor.

During this demo, we will use the SimpleCircleExample and SimpleCircleExampleWithSyphon. This repository also includes some example sketches using LeapMotion.

Basic Materials

Talk Slides

You can find the Google Presentation here.

For Windows Users

Syphon, the technology that allows us to stream Processing outputs into our projection mapping software, is only available for Mac. For Windows computers, you can use Spout to achieve the same results. Similar to Syphon, it also has a Processing library.

Projection Mapping Software Options

During the workshop, I will use MadMapper to provide some insight into the state-of-the-art application, but there are alternatives (including free ones). I haven't tested these options yet, but I plan to record a YouTube video reviewing some of these alternatives in the future.

Here's a growing list of open-source alternatives you might want to explore:

While not free, a few others you might want to look into are:

Additional Resources

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