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We make it easy to build relationships using simple videos.

This Python package is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 2.0.831
  • Package version: 2.0.25798
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.PythonClientCodegen


Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on Github, you can install directly from Github

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import bombbomb 


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import bombbomb

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function
import time
import bombbomb
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: BBOAuth2
bombbomb.configuration.access_token = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN'
# create an instance of the API class
api_instance = bombbomb.AccountsApi()

    # Get account details.
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling AccountsApi->account_details: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AccountsApi account_details GET /accounts Get account details.
AccountsApi create_account POST /accounts Create Account
AccountsApi get_client_statistics GET /accounts/stats Get Client Statistics
AccountsApi get_user_country GET /accounts/{clientId}/country Gets user country
AccountsApi reset_api_key PUT /accounts/apikey Reset API key
AccountsApi subscription_purchase_allowed GET /accounts/purchaseable Check if subscription purchase allowed.
AccountsApi update_profile_data POST /account/profile/ Add profile information.
AutomationsApi get_drip_drop_stats GET /automation/{dripId}/dripdrop/{dripDropId}/stats Get Automation Email Stats
AutomationsApi get_drip_stats GET /automation/{id}/stats Get Automation Stats
AutomationsApi get_scheduling_status GET /automation/{id}/scheduling/status Get the number of pending scheduling calculations
ContactsApi add_contacts_csv POST /contacts/import_csv Add contacts from a CSV file.
ContactsApi add_new_contact POST /contacts/ Add a contact.
ContactsApi add_new_custom_field POST /contacts/custom_fields/ Add custom fields.
ContactsApi add_pasted_contacts POST /contacts/paste Add pasted contacts.
ContactsApi c_sv_to_object POST /csv-to-object Format CSV.
ContactsApi delete_contacts PUT /contacts/delete Delete Contacts
ContactsApi get_contact_by_id GET /contact/{id} Get Contact Details
ContactsApi get_custom_fields GET /contacts/custom_fields/ Get custom fields.
CurriculumApi get_curricula GET /curricula/ Get Curricula
CurriculumApi get_user_curriculum_with_progress GET /curriculum/getForUserWithProgress Get Detailed For User
EmailsApi create_printing_press_email POST /emails/print Create an Email with Printing Press
EmailsApi get_all_templates_for_current_user GET /emails/templates Get all user templates
EmailsApi get_email_tracking GET /emails/{emailId}/tracking Get Email Tracking
EmailsApi get_email_tracking_interactions GET /emails/{emailId}/tracking/interactions Get Email Tracking Interactions
EmailsApi get_hourly_email_tracking GET /emails/{emailId}/tracking/hourly Get Hourly Email Tracking
EmailsApi get_live_fire_data GET /emails/livefire Get livefire feed data
EmailsApi get_quick_send_templates GET /emails/quicksend/templates Get all quicksend templates
EmailsApi get_template_html_for_template_id GET /emails/templates/{templateId}/html Get the HTML for a given template
EmailsApi get_video_quick_sender_data GET /emails/quicksend Get quicksend data
EmailsApi save_quick_sender_settings POST /emails/quicksend/settings Save quicksender settings
EmailsApi video_quick_sender POST /emails/quicksend Send a quicksend email
FilesApi doc_host_delete DELETE /files/{docId} Delete file
FilesApi doc_host_get GET /files/{docId} Get file
FilesApi doc_host_list GET /files List all files
FilesApi doc_host_upload_v2 POST /files Upload a file
FilesApi get_hosted_images_paged GET /files/images/paged Get paged hosted images
FormsApi get_form_tracking_as_csv GET /forms/{id}/tracking/export Get csv
IntegrationsApi connect_integration POST /integrations Activate an integration for a user.
IntegrationsApi delete_integration DELETE /integrations Remove an integration for a user.
IntegrationsApi get_integration_health GET /integrations/health/{code} Get health for a given integration
IntegrationsApi get_integration_page_components GET /integrations/pageComponents Get page components for a given integration
IntegrationsApi sync_users_integrated_lists GET /integrations/sync Synchronize your integration list or lists.
ListsApi add_new_list POST /lists/ Add list.
ListsApi clear_list PUT /lists/{listId}/clear Clear Contacts from List
ListsApi copy_list_contacts POST /lists/{listId}/copy Copy All Contacts from a List
ListsApi get_all_lists GET /lists/ Get all Lists
ListsApi suppress_all_in_list PUT /lists/{listId}/suppress Suppress All Contacts from List
OrdersApi template_asset_delete DELETE /orders/templates/images Deletes image from user s3 store
PromptsApi create_prompt_bot POST /prompts/bots Create a running Prompt Bot for a list
PromptsApi create_video_email_prompt POST /prompt Prompts user to send a video
PromptsApi get_alternate_campaign_content GET /campaign/{campaignId}/content/alternate List alternate campaign content
PromptsApi get_pending_video_email_prompts GET /prompt/pending List pending prompts
PromptsApi get_prompt_bots GET /prompts/bots List Prompt Bots
PromptsApi get_prompt_campaigns GET /prompts/{userId}/campaigns List Prompt Campaigns
PromptsApi get_video_email_prompt GET /prompt/{id} Gets a prompt
PromptsApi get_video_email_prompts GET /prompt/ List prompts
PromptsApi respond_to_video_email_prompt POST /prompt/{id}/response Respond to a prompt
PromptsApi send_prompt_immediately POST /prompt/{id}/sendit
PromptsApi sync_prompt_subscriptions POST /prompts/campaigns/sync Syncs Campaigns and One to Ones Subscriptions for User
PromptsApi update_prompt PUT /prompts/{id} Update Prompt
PromptsApi update_prompt_bot PUT /prompts/bots/{id} Update Prompt Bot
PromptsApi update_prompt_campaign PUT /prompts/campaigns/{clientGroupId} Update Prompt Campaign
PromptsApi update_prompt_template PUT /prompts/{id}/content Update Prompt Content
SocialsApi get_facebook_pages GET /socials/facebook/pages Gets facebook pages
SocialsApi get_social_article_properties GET /socials/properties Gets the social email properties
SocialsApi get_social_authorizations GET /socials/authorizations Get authorizations for all social integration
SocialsApi get_social_profile_properties GET /socials/profile Gets the profile properties
SocialsApi get_social_stats GET /socials/{promptId}/stats Get social stats for a prompt
SocialsApi post_social_content POST /socials/content Creates social content
SocialsApi retry_social_send POST /socials/send/retry Sends social content
SocialsApi send_social POST /socials/send Sends social content
SocialsApi update_client_group_send_mechanism PUT /socials/client/sendMechanism Gets the auto shares from the client group assoc id
SocialsApi update_client_groups_send_mechanism PUT /socials/client/sendMechanisms Toggles the prompt campaigns in a users account
SocialsApi update_facebook_pages PUT /socials/facebook/pages Updates facebook page Ids
SocialsApi update_social_content PUT /socials/content Updates social content
TeamsApi add_team_member POST /team/{teamId}/member Add Member to Team
TeamsApi add_users POST /team/{teamId}/members Add users to group.
TeamsApi add_users_from_csv POST /team/{teamId}/members/csv Add members to group from CSV
TeamsApi cancel_jericho_send DELETE /team/{teamId}/jericho/{jerichoId} Cancel a Jericho Send
TeamsApi create_subteam POST /team/{teamId}/subteam Add a Subteam
TeamsApi delete_subteam DELETE /team/{teamId}/subteam Delete Subteam
TeamsApi get_all_client_group_associations GET /team/associations/ Lists team associations
TeamsApi get_client_group_assets GET /team/assets/ Lists team assets
TeamsApi get_client_group_statistics GET /team/{teamId}/stats Get Team statistics
TeamsApi get_jericho_sends GET /team/{teamId}/jericho List Jericho Sends
TeamsApi get_jericho_stats GET /team/{teamId}/jericho/{jerichoId}/performance Gets Jericho performance statistics
TeamsApi get_paged_client_group_members GET /team/{teamId}/members List Team Members
TeamsApi get_prompt_monthly_stats GET /team/{month}/{year}/monthStats Jericho Monthly Stats
TeamsApi get_prompt_overview GET /team/promptOverview Get Prompt Overview
TeamsApi get_subteams GET /team/{teamId}/subteam List Subteams
TeamsApi get_team_prompt_aggregate_stats GET /team/{clientGroupId}/campaign/stats Get aggregate stats for campaigns
TeamsApi get_team_prompt_campaigns GET /team/{clientGroupId}/campaign Get campaigns for team
TeamsApi invite_to_social_prompt_team POST /teams/prompt/invite Invite a list to join the admin's social prompt team
TeamsApi queue_jericho_send POST /team/{teamId}/jericho Creates a Jericho send.
TeamsApi remove_member_from_team DELETE /team/{teamId}/member/{userId} Remove Member from Team
TeamsApi resend_team_member_invitation POST /team/{teamId}/{memberUserId}/rewelcome Resend invite
TeamsApi update_jericho_prompt_send PUT /team/{teamId}/jericho/{jerichoId} Updates the Jericho Prompt Settings
TeamsApi update_team POST /team/{teamId} Update a team
TeamsApi update_team_member PUT /team/{teamId}/member Update Member of Team
UsersApi get_client_contact_information GET /clients/contact/information Get client contact information.
UsersApi get_user_profile_info GET /users/profile/information Get user profile information.
UtilitiesApi create_o_auth_client POST /oauthclient Create an OAuth Client
UtilitiesApi delete_o_auth_client DELETE /oauthclient/{id} Delete an OAuth Client
UtilitiesApi get_o_auth_clients GET /oauthclient Lists OAuth Clients
UtilitiesApi get_spec GET /spec Describes this api
VideosApi get_video_encoding_status GET /videos/{videoId}/status Video Encoding Status
VideosApi get_video_recorder GET /videos/live/getRecorder Get Live Video Recorder HTML
VideosApi mark_live_recording_complete POST /videos/live/markComplete Completes a live recording
VideosApi sign_upload POST /video/signedUpload Generate Signed Url
VideosApi update_video_thumbnail_v2 PUT /videos/thumbnail Upload thumbnail
WebhooksApi add_web_hook POST /webhook Add Webhook
WebhooksApi delete_web_hook DELETE /webhook/{hookId} Deletes Webhook
WebhooksApi get_web_hooks GET /webhook/ Lists Webhooks
WebhooksApi list_web_hook_events GET /webhook/events Describe WebHook Events
WebhooksApi send_webhook_example POST /webhook/test Sends test Webhook

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: implicit
  • Authorization URL:
  • Scopes:
  • all:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb information
  • all:read: View your BombBomb information
  • email:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb emails
  • email:read: View your BombBomb emails
  • video:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb videos
  • video:read: View your BombBomb videos
  • contact:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb contacts
  • contact:read: View your BombBomb contacts
  • curriculum:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb challenges
  • curriculum:read: View your BombBomb challenges
  • automation:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb automations
  • automation:read: View your BombBomb automations
  • form:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb forms
  • form:read: View your BombBomb forms
  • list:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb lists
  • team:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb teams
  • team:read: View your BombBomb teams
  • order:manage: Manage your BombBomb orders
  • settings:manage: Manage your BombBomb settings
  • file:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb files
  • file:read: View your BombBomb files
  • account:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb account
  • account:read: View your BombBomb account