TextMate 2 bundle: Strips trailing whitespace from current document when saving
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Strip Whitespace On Save

TextMate 2 bundle: Strips trailing whitespace from current document when saving. Works nicely with my Save On Focus Lost bundle.


  • Clone the git repo to ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/Strip-Whitespace-On-Save.tmbundle
  • Relaunch TextMate 2


Customizing the bundle is easy.

Using .tm_properties

Suppose you want to avoid stripping white space on some specific files (like CSV and YAML). Just add the following to your .tm_properties file:

scopeAttributes = attr.keep-whitespace

scopeAttributes = attr.keep-whitespace

If you wanted to preserve whitespace for that messed-up whitespace project of yours, just drop this in its .tm_properties file:

scopeAttributes = attr.keep-whitespace

Of course, you can combine those two approaches for complete control over whitespace-stripping!

If you want to know which scope corresponds to each language, just hit ^⇧P (Show Scope) on a document of that type, and you'll get a nice tooltip with the scope namespaces that apply at the current cursor's position.

Without Using .tm_properties

If you can't (or don't want to) use .tm_properties files, just open the Bundle Editor (Bundles menu ▶︎ Edit Bundles... or pressing ^⌥⌘B) and add -text.tabular.csv in the command's Scope Selector field:

screenshot 2013-12-05 20 35 46

  • To exclude multiple file types, just add (space)-scope.namespace. For example, to exclude CSV and YAML, write: -text.tabular.csv -source.yaml.
  • To work only on specific file types, use the namespace only, without the minus sign (e.g., to strip only CSV files, write text.tabular.csv).
  • To include multiple file types, just add them separated by comma (i.e: text.tabular.csv, source.yaml, text.html.markdown).


You need to be using at least TextMate version 2.0.0-alpha.9317.

To get the most recent nightly build, open Preferences ▶︎ Software Update and -click the "Check Now" button . This will grab the latest version, rather than the one you get by just clicking the button.