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# Orange Commands v<%= ORANGE_COMMANDS_VERSION %> for Adobe Fireworks

Orange Commands is a collection of scripts for Adobe Fireworks that make the life of a web designer easier (or at least allow him/her to work faster :)

## Installation

1. Download:
<% @fw_versions.each do |version| %>    - [Orange Commands <%= ORANGE_COMMANDS_VERSION %> for Fireworks <%= version %>](<%= DOWNLOAD_SERVER %>OrangeCommands_<%= ORANGE_COMMANDS_VERSION %>_<%= version %>.zip)
<% end %>
2. Expand the ZIP.
3. Double click the MXP file to install the commands.
4. To install the custom keyboard shortcuts, copy the XML files to:

      Mac: /Users/**YOU**/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS5/**YOURLANGUAGE**/Keyboard Shortcuts/
      Win: \\Users\\**YOU**\\AppData\\Roaming\\Adobe\\Fireworks CS5\\**YOUR LANGUAGE**\\Keyboard Shortcuts

5. Change the keyboard shortcuts in Fireworks in the "Fireworks » Keyboard Shortcuts..." menu, and pick one of the '+ Extras' sets. If you are using Mac OSX, make sure the Ctrl + Arrow keys are not being used by Mission Control by unchecking them in System Preferences » Keyboard » Keyboard Shortcuts.
6. Restart Fireworks
7. Enjoy!

## Commands: What they do, and how to use them

<% @orangecommands.categories.each do |category| %>
### <%= %>
<%= category.description %>
<% category.commands.each do |command| %>
- **<%= %>** <%= " (#{command.shortcut})" %>

  <%= %><% end %><% end %>

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