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Installs a bunch of shared Sketch Libraries at once, because life is too short to spend it clicking links
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Install Library Bundle

If you've ever built a complex Design System in Sketch, chances are you've had to split your system into a few Libraries. If you then want to share them with your team, you have to send around a bunch of links, and ask people to click them, and everything is a mess.

With this plugin, you'll still need to send a bunch of links, but at least you only have to click once to run it and have all the Libraries installed at once.

The plugin accepts RSS links (for self-hosted Libraries) and Sketch Cloud links (for Libraries shared using Sketch Cloud)


Sample Libraries

If you want to try the plugin, but don't have any Shared Libraries at hand, try pasting this into the plugin's input to install a few of the Libraries we list at,,
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