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Rack middleware to insert text comments into pages. First created to be used with jlong's serve, but should work with pretty much every rack app
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Rack FootNotes

Rack::FootNotes is a very simple middleware I coded to add footnotes to prototypes created with jlong/serve


Create a notes folder in your serve project's root. Add a text file with notes for every route you want to display notes in. I.e: if you want to show notes for, add them to notes/foo/bar.txt

Then, load Rack::FootNotes in your

gem 'rack-footnotes'
require 'rack/footnotes'
use Rack::FootNotes, {
  :notes_path => 'notes',
  :extra_css => "text-align: center;"

There are three options:

  • :notes_path, the folder where you want to store your notes
  • :css, the CSS for the div containing the notes (don't change this unless necessary)
  • :extra_css, styles that will be added to the default CSS. Use it to change the background color, font-face, etc...
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