A collection of scripts for a GTD workflow in VoodooPad
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VoodooPad GTD

This is a collection of script plugins for VoodooPad that I use for my GTD workflow.


  • Copy scripts to $HOME/Library/Application Support/VoodooPad/Script PlugIns/
  • Restart VoodooPad
  • Read "How to use"

How to use

  • Take notes (in a somehow chaotic way).
  • Whenever you find something to be done (i.e: a task) you just add "@todo:" (Control + T) or "@later:" (Control + L) in front of it.
  • When you need a task list, hit Control + Shift + T and all "@todo:" tags in the current document are listed on a "@todo" page (with a link to the page where the task is)
  • When you complete a task, replace the "@todo:" tag with a "@done:" tag. I use the "Insert Date" script (bound to Control + Shift J) to record the date.
  • When you need to check what you've acomplished recently, hit Control + Shift + D, and a "@done" page is created with a list of "@done:" tasks.
  • Spare time? Hit Control + Shift + L and you'll get a "@later" page with all your "@later" tasks.


  • Build a "Check as Completed" script.