Little hack that forwards SMSs from an American Google Voice number to an international GOSIM number, using GOSIM's website and Google's API
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To use:

1.  Obtain an unlocked GSM phone (ideally quad-band), to ensure the best
    global romaing capabilities.

2.  Get a SIM card from

3.  Sign up for Google Voice and get a Google Voice number.

4.  Set up a cronjob that will run the enclosed Ruby script every
    5-10 minutes.  It's what does the forwarding.

5.  Edit the config block at the top of the Ruby script to include 
    your Google username and password, GOSIM username and password,
    and GOSIM phone number.

6.  You may need to install Ruby on your server (see your OS vendor
    for more information).

7.  You will probably also need to install the gvoice-ruby gem.  You 
    can do this by typing:
    sudo gem install gvoice-ruby

If you have any questions, E-Mail me at