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        About Bombono DVD.

Bombono DVD is DVD authoring program with nice and clean GUI.
The project homepage is

Bombono DVD is 'Open Source' and licensed under GPL 
(GNU General Public License, version 2), see COPYING. Boost Library is under 
Boost Software License Version 1.0, see boost-lib/LICENSE_1_0.txt. The 
following code is licensed under LGPL (GNU Library General Public License, 
version 2 or later), see docs/COPYING.LIB:
 * src/mgui/sdk/libgnome
 * code from GTK+, in src/mgui/author/output.cpp
 * libs/mpeg2dec/src/getopt.c
Boyer-Moore algorithm code in src/mlib/sdk/memmem.h is licensed under

 Ilya Murav'jov <>

 Tekkno Genius <>
 wronguser <>
 Thomas Bartosik <>

 Ilya Murav'jov
 Aleksandr Finogentov

Installation Instructions

I. Requirements:
 o gtk+           >= 2.8,-
 o gtkmm          >= 2.4,-
 o SCons          >= 0.96.1,-
 o mjpegtools     >= 1.8.0,-
 o libdvdread     -
 o dvdauthor      -
 o dvd+rw-tools   -
 o twolame        -
 o libxml++       -
 o ffmpeg:        -
   - libavformat, libswscale 
   - (runtime) ffmpeg converter
 o enca:          -

II. You need SCons to build Bombono DVD - maybe the best build tool ever. ;) 
SCons is just make&autotools&libtool all together. Type:
 1) unpack
    $ tar -xjf bombono-dvd-0.5.tar.bz2 
    $ cd bombono-dvd-0.5
 2) build
    $ scons
 3) install (to /usr/local)
    $ sudo scons install
  or to anywhere
    $ sudo scons PREFIX=<anywhere> install

You can see other options to build:
    $ scons -h
For instance:
    $ scons BUILD_CFG=debug     # for debugging
    $ scons TEST=1              # run tests

III. Packaging Bombono DVD:
 - for those who is accustomed to 'configure; make; make install' sequence:
   $ scons PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/bombono-dvd
   # fixing build errors
   $ scons
   $ scons install
 - see ./debian for Debian-based distros
 - see ./tools/scripts/bombono-dvd.spec for RPM-based distros

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