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Backendsite for TYPO3

Shows a page in the backend. This can be a page of your page tree or an arbitrary URL. You can create your own portal site and make it the starting module of your TYPO3 installation. You can add all available TYPO3 plugins (like News, Forms, Forums, Downloads) to enhance your editor's experience and let editors add pages and content on their own.

You already got a CMS, why not use it for the backend?

Create a page tree or use an external site (a wiki, maybe?).

Set Backendsite as rhe start module to greet your users with your portal page:

Module under user menu


Install the extension and set the parameter pageID in the extension's settings to either a page id or an URL (starting with http:// or https://).

You may activate two additional modules by setting their pageIDs accordingly.

You can have each module added to all standard module categories, e.g. 'user', 'system', 'tools', 'help' or create a new group on your own.

Point the language files to your own copies to adjust menu name, tooltip text and description.

Change the path to an icon file (SVG preferred) to better guide your users.

You may then override this setting with userTS like so: plugin.tx_bwbackendsite.pageID for the first module or plugin.tx_bwbackendseite.module2.pageID.

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