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BomRastreio is a tracking application that keeps track on objects sent through the Brazilian postal service (Correios).

When you buy something from the internet or when a person wants to send anything to another person through the Correios, from the moment that you send until the addressee gets the object a lot of things can happen. The delivery can delay. The object can be lost or in the worst case, the addressee might sue the store because the product delayed or the Correios tried to deliver the product several times and the addressee wasn’t home and wasn’t notified about this.

BomRastreio aims to keep the remitter and the addressee informed about how the object is going. If the object gets delayed, both users will be notified. If the object was lost, BomRastreio will automatically request reimbursement from Correios. Also, the addressee will be notified if the Correios wasn’t able to deliver the product in the very first time, avoiding the sue problem.

The project goal is enable smart decisions through machine learning in the future. The shopkeeper or the remitter must focus in their business, not the object posted.