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React Epic Spinners

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This library is the React implementation of Vue epic-spinners by EpicMax


Using NPM

npm install react-epic-spinners

Or Yarn

yarn add react-epic-spinners


An online demo is available here


All components accept the following props

  • size [number]: (optional) specifies how large the spinner should be rendered
  • color [string]: (optional) defaults to #fff. Specifies the color of the spinner.
  • animationDelay [number]: (optional) specifies the timing of the spinner animation. Lower numbers mean the animations restart faster.
  • className [string]: (optional) add any additional class you want to the component
  • style [object]: (optional) a react component style object to additionally style the component


import { AtomSpinner } from 'react-epic-spinners'

// In your render function or SFC return
<AtomSpinner color="red">


All components are named exports of the package.

import { ... } from 'react-epic-spinners'

Known Issues

Because of some bugs with flexbox on Firefox, the following components may not render properly

  • ScalingSquaresSpinner
  • SwappingSquaresSpinner
  • TrinityRingsSpinner

If you know a fix for it, please send a PR :)