BCEditor - a syntax highlighting edit control for the RAD Studio (Delphi / C++ Builder).
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A syntax highlighting edit control for the RAD Studio (Delphi/C++ Builder) with code folding, completion proposal, matching pair, minimap, sync edit, multi-caret editing, word wrap, support for non-fixed-width fonts, etc. External highlighter and color scheme files are in JSON format and can be loaded at runtime.

Build requirements

  • Delphi versions XE4 or higher
  • C++ Builder versions XE7 or higher

Conditional compilation

"USE_VCL_STYLES" - a set of graphical details that define the look and feel of a VCL application.

Usage example

  with BCEditor1 do 
    Lines.Text := Highlighter.Info.General.Sample; 

Note! LoadFromStream / LoadFromResource does not support multi-highlighters (for example HTML with Scripts.json). Override TBCBaseEditor.CreateFileStream function, if you want to load multi-highlighters from a stream.


BCEditor Control Demo v. 2.0.0 (dev).

The latest update: 05.02.2017 20:19, UTC+02:00

Projects using the control


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