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BCEditor - a syntax highlighting edit control for the RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder with VCL).
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This component is very buggy and should not be used. Please use "SynEdit" instead of it. If there is somebody who wants to overtake this project, please write an issue and ask about it.


A syntax highlighting edit control for the RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder VCL):

  • Predefined highlighter definitions for 70 programming languages
  • User defined highlighter definions
  • Multi highglighter support (for example: HTTP and PHP)
  • Minimap
  • Matching pair highlighting (for example "<" and ">" in HTML)
  • Search with regular expressions, forwards / backwards, whole words, case sensitive, selection only
  • Search result highlighting
  • Bookmarks
  • User defined marks
  • Word wrap
  • Code folding
  • Synchron edit
  • Completion proposal popup window
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Macro recorder
  • Fonts with variable character width
  • Windows DPI Aware

Build requirements

  • Delphi XE4 or higher
  • C++ Builder XE6 or higher

Usage example

  with BCEditor1 do 
    Text := Highlighter.Sample; 

Note! LoadFromStream / LoadFromResource does not support multi-highlighters (for example HTML with Scripts.json). Override TBCBaseEditor.CreateFileStream function, if you want to load multi-highlighters from a stream.




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