A plugin for the Impact Javascript Game Engine (http://impactjs.com/) which allows for oscillation between two different time phases.
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An Oscillator module to be used as a plugin with the Impact javascript game engine (http://impactjs.com/).
    This module essentially allows for oscillation between two time durations or phases. This can be useful for example if you want an entity buidling to shake for 3 seconds and then stop for 2 seconds and then repeat this again for 8 cycles. 

How to use:
Create a new plugins folder if one does not exist: lib/plugins
Create a new folder called oscillator: lib/plugins/oscillator
Place the oscillator.js file within that folder.
Within the main.js file, require: 'plugins.oscillator.oscillator'


  - Create a new oscillator:
      this.oscillator = new ig.Oscillator([3,2],8);
        //Initializes a new oscillator. The first parameter contains the times of the two phases in seconds.
        //In this case 3 then 2 seconds. The second parameter is the number of cycles that should be repeated.
      this.oscillator = new ig.Oscillator(2);
        //Initializes a new oscillator, but since the first parameter is an integer, it will initialze both phases
        //with 2 seconds. If the second parameter is not specified, then the oscillator will continue indefinitely.

  - Apply new settings to the oscillator:
      this.oscillator.set([1,6], 5);
        //Works identically as in initializing above.

  - Reset the oscillator to the last settings:

  - Get the current phase:
      phase = this.oscillator.phase();
        //Return the current phase number in the cycle. 
        //This is essentially the 0 1 output you would get from a digital oscillation.
        //0: First portion of cycle.
        //1: Second portion of cycle.
        //-1: All cycles completed.

  - Get the current cycle
      cycle = this.oscillator.currentCycle();
        //Returns the current cycle number. Note the first cycle starts at 1 (not 0).

  - Get the delta of the oscillator timer
      delta = this.oscillator.delta();
        //A single ig.Timer is started when the oscillator is intialized, set or reset.